President : Merrill Gooderham
Poppy Chair,
Cadet Liaison,
Legion Villa,
Seniors Liaison, and
Ways & Means Chair.

Past President: Allan Jones.

First Vice President: Kim Hutchinson
Veterans Service Officer,
Bar Chair and
Kitchen Liaison.

Second Vice President: Joan Campbell
Membership Chair,
Honours, Awards Chair and
Zone Youth Education Chair.

Third Vice President: Scott Amey
Sports Officer and
Housing Chair.

Secretary /Treasurer: Leo Lund
Public relations Officer and
Entertainment Chair.

Executive Member: Tracy Gray
Sick & Visiting and
Youth Education.

Executive Member: Jim Helsby
Lottery Chair.

Executive Member: George Guigue
Ladies Auxiliary Liaison and Zone Sports Officer.


President : Anne Hutchinson

Past President: Ariel Filson

First Vice President: Rhonda MacDonald

Second Vice President: Annabelle Servage

Treasurer: Grace Ross

Sports Officer: Margaret Power

Recording Secretary: Pat Dennie

Membership Secretary: Toni Canning

Correspondence Secretary: Christine Foley

Sgt-at-Arms: Jacqueline Boyce

Executive Members:
Ellen McKay,
Helen Mitchell,
Pat Belliveau,
Sally Algate,
Joan Gordanaire, and
Adele Sparks.