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Read a Welcome Message from Our President

Welcome to our website members and visitors.

2016 will be a milestone year for Branch 560. We will celebrate 60 years of service to our veterans and the community at large. I am proud to say that it will be my 8th year as president of what we believe is one of the most successful branches in District ā€˜Gā€™. This success has been attained through the hard work and dedication of the committees that have served under my presidency. Whatever position they were assigned, they have taken seriously and honoured without hesitation the pledge that they swore when they were elected or appointed to honour and preserve the memory of our fallen comrades and to provide assistance to our living veterans and their dependants.

With every branch of this great organization, volunteers are the backbone of success. Without the gift of time donated the cost of operations could financially cripple most branches. Inventory, federal regulations on use of lottery funds, licencing costs, entertainment taxes, provincial taxes, federal taxes, education tax, liquor tax, CPP, EI, WSIB, and Provincial Health payments on salaried workers and building maintenance costs at our own branch amount to tens of thousands of dollars a year. We owe a debt of gratitude to all the volunteers, too numerous to name here who give of their time in so many ways to ensure that their club remains solvent.

The Ladies Auxiliary are an integral part any legion and we are lucky to have our dedicated members, not all branches are so lucky. The Young at Heart Seniors club, who use our facilities for their weekly card games and lunches have historically helped with financial donations in lieu of rent. All of the above contributes to our success as a branch, and I want to go on record as expressing my sincere and heartfelt thanks and look forward to another successful year as your president.

Look for information about our 60th anniversary celebration and fundraising events. Our summer patio parties continue to draw good crowds. Join us on all holiday weekends for fun and camaraderie. Watch this site for announcements.

I wish all our members a happy and safe summer.

Allan Jones, President.